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The iNsight project aims to investigate the scientific and technical barriers to using the new GNSS signals in a series of seven research work packages (WP) plus a management WP as follows:

iNsight Work Packages Diagram
iNsight Work Packages Diagram (click on any WP block to go to its webpage)


The list of iNsight work packages with a brief description is as follows:
Work package 0 Management (Led by EADS Astrium)

Work package 1 (WP1) Signal acquisition and tracking techniques (WP Leader - Professor I. Kale)

Work package 2 (WP2) - Integrity, Quality Control and Assessment (WP Leader - Professor W. Ochieng)

Work package 3 - Orbits and Clock Transformation models (WP Leader - Professor M. Ziebart)

Work package 4 - Multipath Detection, Modelling and Mitigation (WP Leader - Dr. Paul Groves)

Work package 5 - Modelling of Atmospheric Effects (WP Leader - Professor T. Moore)

Work package 6 - System Integration (WP Leader - Dr C. Hill)

Work package 7 - Development of Evaluation Platforms and Testing (WP Leader - Professor I. Kale)

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