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Cross, P., M. Ziebart, L. Lau, W. Ochieng, S. Feng, T. Moore, C. Hill, I. Kale, R. Kazazoglu (2009),"Extending the Applications and Improving the Efficiency of Positioning Through the Exploitation of New GNSS Signals", Proceedings of ENC-GNSS 2009, May 3-6, 2009, Naples, Italy.


P.D. Groves, Z. Jiang, B. Skelton, P.A. Cross, L. Lau, Y. Adane, I. Kale (2010), "Novel Multipath Mitigation Methods using a Dual-Polarization Antenna", Proceedings of ION-GNSS 2010, September 21-24, 2009, Portland, Oregon, USA.


Feng, S, Ochieng, W. and Milner, C. (2010), "Advanced receiver level integrity monitoring algorithm for carrier phase based GNSS positioning", Proceedings of the International Symposium on Inertial Technology and Navigation, 18-20 October, 2010, Nanjing, China.


Lei Yang, Zeynep G. Elmas, Chris Hill, Marcio Aquino and Terry Moore (2011), "Innovative atmosphere effect mitigation using new GNSS signals", Chinese Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC), May 2011, Shanghai, China.


Zeynep G. Elmas, Marcio Aquino and Biagio Forte (2011), "The impact of ionospheric scintillation on the GNSS receiver signal tracking performance and measurement accuracy", International Union of Radio Science (URSI), August 2011, Istanbul, Turkey. (abstract submitted)





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