Work Package 5 (WP5): Modelling of Atmospheric Effects

WP5 Leader - Professor Terry Moore
WP5 Research Fellow - Dr. Lei Yang
WP5 PhD Student - Ms Zeynep Elmas

Troposphere study

Slant Tropospheric Delay Processing
Slant tropospheric delay processing block diagram


Ionosphere study

Ionospheric Scintillations
Figure 1. Scintillation induced perturbations on the signal power levels (top plot) and carrier phase range measurements, obtained from the CSM for GPS L1.


prompt correlator outputs
Figure 2. In-phase (I) and quadra-phase (Q) prompt correlator outputs shown for GPS L1 comparing the absence (top) and presence of scintillation. The plots refer to the first 5 seconds of 20th minute of a particular simulation.


Ionospheric Range Errors


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